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All our cakes are baked fresh each day.  We offer two types of cake suitable for delivery.

Plain sponge - Our plain vanilla sponge is very light but also moist and full of flavour.  We fill each cake with a mixed fruit jam which has a wonderful taste and a home made buttercream to our special recipe.

Chocolate sponge - This cake is the most moist chocolate sponge you will taste.  The rich chocolate taste is superb and filled each time with a dark chocolate fudge filling which is delicious.  We have customers who return year after year just for this cake.

The two sizes we offer are made as a deep cake and allow good size portions for your guest.  We base our figures on an average cake slice of 2"x1" slice.  The medium sized cake in 8" would serve on average a minimum of 30 portions.  The large style cake in 10" will serve at least 45 portions.